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   T. M. ; T-Y-M: Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran ;
   Scottish born etcher and landscape painter Mary Nimmo Moran (1842–1899)
   two daughters and a son
   1837 in Bolton, Lancashire, England
   Santa Barbara, California
   3 brothers Edward (1829-1901), John (1831-1902), Peter (1841-1914); nephews Edward Percy Moran (1862–1935) & Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863-193
   apprentice to the Philadelphia wood-engraving firm Scattergood & Telfer; local painter James Hamilton
   United States of America
   Ferdinand Hayden's Survey ; Orestes St John: Report Geol. Field Work Teton Div. (1879) ; Clarence E Dutton: Tertiary Hist Grand Ganion (1882) ;
   U.S. Geological Survey (field artist); National Academy of Design (member since 1884)
   survey photographer William Henry Jackson, succeeded by -> William Henry Holmes; artist William Henry Holmes
   geological field survey, landscape painting, watercolours, and drawing ;
   Smithsonian American Art Museum ;
   J. L.Kinsey: T. M. & Surveying American West 1992: 43-92 ; Anthony R. Orme in Patrick Wyse Jackson: 4 Centuries Geological Travel 2007:274 ;
   Was field artist for expedition to Yellowstone Park.

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