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   Orra L. White °
   O. L. W. H. ;
   geologist, theologian, professor and for a decade president of Amherst College, Edward Hitchcock (1796-1864) in 1821
   8, of whom 6 lived past infancy; Edward Hitchcock jr. (1828-1911) & Charles Henry Hitchcock (1836-1919) became geologists
   1796 in Amherst, Massachussetts
   farmer in Amherst, Massachusetts, Jarib White (17xx-1xxx)
   Ruth Sherman White (mother)
   private tutors & self-taught; girls's schools in South Hadley and Roxbury near Boston, Mass.
   United States of America
   Edward Hitchcock: Geological Survey of Massachusetts & Religion of Geology (1851) & Atlas of New Hampshire Geology (1878, with 19 plates: http://docs/ ) ;
   Deerfield Academy and Amherst Academy (instructor of drawing and science)
   botanical, geological, geographical, and topographical ink drawings, watercolors on paper and canvas, paintings, lecture posters, woodcuts ; ;
   Michele L. Aldrich: O. W. H., geological illustrator GSA Conference 2001, paper 103-0 ; R. Moody & E. Buffetaut: Dinosaurs 2010: 122 ; R.A.Herber: A women of Amherst. The Travel Diaries of OWH 1847/50. Iuniverse Inc, 2008 ; E. C. Worman: Watercolors & Prints, in: AB Bookman's Weekly 1989: 646 ;

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