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   Margaret Matthew °
   M. M. C. ;
   mammalian paleontologist Edwin (Ned) Harris Colbert (1905-2001)
   five sons
   1911 in Brooklyn, New York
   Flagstaff, Arizona ?
   vertebrate paleontologist William Diller Matthew (1871-1930)
   Kate Lee (1876-1955) (mother) ; George Frederick Matthew (grandfather), studied paleozoic New Brunswick petrified fauna and flora ;
   California College of Arts
   United States of America
   Edwin (Ned) Harris Colbert (1905-2001) (husband ); cf.
   American Museum Nat. Hist. in New York (scientific illustrator); Field Museum; National Science Foundation, New Mexico Mus.Nat.Hist.
   mostly with her husband, who travelled all seven continents and wrote more than 400 scientific articles and more than 20 books.
   paleontological drawing, woodcut, engraving, museum mural painting, sculpture ;
   Ann Brimacombe Elliot: Charming the Bones. MMC (2000) ; R. Moody & E. Fuffetaut: Dinosaurs 2010: 123f. ;
   In 1969, M.C. retired to Flagstaff, Arizona, where E.C. held emeritus position at the Museum of Northern Arizona, where she painted large geol. murals.

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