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   C. G. ;
   1620 in Sens
   supposed to be taught by Silvestre
   Giovanni Battista Ferrari (1584-1655) ; Emanuel(e) Maignan: Perspectiva horaria sive de Horographia gnomonica tum theoretica, tum practica libri quatuor (Rome 1648) ; Pictura paedagogica ;
   engraver -> P. Guirin ;
   botanical, perspectival and technical engraving and etching
   Anita McConnell: A Survey of the Networks Bringing a Knowledge of Optical Glass-Working to the London Trade, 1500-1800, online version of 2017 at p. 91 ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ;
   Further Place of Activity: Italy (Rome).

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