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   A. E. ; Augustus Earl ;
   1793 in London
   American fine artist James Earl (1761-1796) and Caroline Smyth
   half-bro admir/sci William H.Smyth; artists: sister Phoebe (1790-1863), bro-in-law Denis Dighton, uncle Ralph E, aunt Anne WhitesideE cousin Ralph EWE
   Royal Academy of Arts London; teachers Benjamin West (1738-1820). Ch.R. Leslie & Morse
   United Kingdom
   Charles Darwin, Capt. Robert Fitzroy (1805-1865); Earle: Views New south Wales Van Diemen's Land 1830; Burford: Sketches New Zealand 1839
   for listings of his preserved works see the links in
   succeeded by -> Conrad Martens; artist Robert Burford
   drawing, watercolor, painting, landscapes, topography, flora and fauna ; ;
   Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones: A.E,travel artist: Paintings&Drawings in the Rex Nan Kivell Collection, Sydney: National Library of Australia, 1980
   AKL31 2002:490; ThB10 1914:281; Austral.Dict.of Biogr.1(1966):348f; wiki; J Hackforth-Jones: AE Travel Artist1980; RD Keynes:The Beagle Record1979; D Oldroyd in PW Jackson: 4 Centuries Geol Travel 2007:355; Rice 2010:232
   since 1815 traveller artist to Meditteranean, Africa, 1820 South America, 1825 Australia; official artist on HMS Beagle 1831-3

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