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   Kamel / Camel
   Jiří Josef, OR Georg Joseph / Georg Josef
   J. J. K. / G. J. C. ; Jiří Josef Camel S. J. / pater Georgius Josephus / botanical shortname: Kamel ;
   1661 in Brünn (Brno), Austria, nowadays Czech Rep
   Manila, Philippines
   as apprentice of a pharmacist in Brünn, since 1682 by the Jesuits
   Herbarium aliarumque stirpium in insula Luzone Philippinarum, in John Ray: Historia plantarum (vol. 3, 1704) ; Descriptiones (1703) ;
   Jesuit order in Brünn, then Austrian-Hungarian Empire; Royal Society, London
   Willem Ten Rhijne, a physician employed by the Dutch East India Comp. ; Samuel Browne, an East India surgeon ;
   botanical pencil drawing, see, e.g., & ; watercolor & painting ;
   Natural History Museum & British Library, both in London ; and
   R. A. Reyes: Botany and zoology in late 17th century Philippines, in: Arch. Nat. Hist. 36, 2 (2009): 262-76 ;
   G. J. K. was born in Austria; in 1687, he travelled via Genua & Cádiz to Manila (Philppines) where he stayed, ran a pharmacy & worked as naturalist.

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