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   Thomas Henry
   T. H. H. ;
   Henrietta Heathorn (18xx-xxxx) in 1855
   writer Leonard H. (1860-1933)
   1825 in Ealing, Middlesex
   Eastbourne, East Sussex
   assistant schoolmaster (mathematics) George Huxley (1xxx-18xxx)
   mother: Rachel née Withers; 7 siblings; brother in law Dr. John Godwin Scott was med. doctor; brother James medicine; grandson Julian H.(1887-1975)
   studied medicine at Charing Cross Hospital until 1845 (esp. w. Dr.Thomas Wharton Jones), then becomes ass.surgeon at Royal Navy
   England, UK
   Charles Darwin; Huxley: morphology cephalous Mollusca, Phil. Trans. 143 (1853) & Scientific Memoirs & Man's Place in Nature & Physiography 1877
   Pharmac. Society; Royal Society; Royal School of Mines; British Geological Survey; Royal Institution; Royal College of Surgeons, Brit.Ass.Adv.Science
   captain Owen Stanleys, naturalist John Gillivray, artist ->Oswald Brierly et al. during Rattlesnake exp. 1846-50
   zoological, anthropological, ethnographic, topographic pen, & ink drawing, watercolours, pencil & thin ink washes & scratching, after 1870 photography
   Imperial College, London (boxes of drawings & photographs):
   AKL ; Lapage 1961: 44-6, fig. 11 ; Julian Huxley (ed.): Diary Voyage HMS Rattlesnake 1935; B.Lightman: Depicting Nature 2006:218, 228-32; G.R. Bodmer: Technical illustr. of H., in: T.H.H.'s Place in Science, London 1997: 277-295; D.R.Newth: Drawings of T.H.H.,Medical & Biolog.Illustr.6(1956):71-76
   assistant surgeon to HMS Rattlesnake to N. Australia, New Guinea & Louisian Archipelago, 1846-1850. Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 # 2065 ;

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