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   Nathan Augustus
   N. A. C. ;
   teacher Alice Prout (1xxx-1xxx)
   7 children, among them Frieda Cobb Blanchard (1xxx-1xxx)
   1859 in Spencer, Massachusetts
   Baltimore, Maryland
   encouraged by landscape artist Joseph H. Greenwood (1xxx-1xxx) ; Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University Jena ;
   United States of America
   taught architectural design, mechanical drawing and topography ;
   Zoological Research Station in Naples, oceanographer Sir John Murray, Department Agriculture New South Wales and USA
   zoological and marine drawing, painting, micrography, watercolor, and microphotography
   Lapage 1961: 29 ; F. C. Blanchard: Cobb, in: ASA Gray Bull. 3(1957): 205-72 ; Sayre: Art in Phytopathology (1994) ;
   Further Places of Activity: Australia and the United States of America (Hawaii).

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