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   W. C. ;
   1688 in Somerby, Leicestershire
   medicine; painting at Academy of Vanderbank St. Martin's Lane; anatomy London from William Cowper
   England, UK
   Cheselden: Osteographia 1733; Anatomy Human Body 1712
   London Company of Barber-Surgeons; Royal Society; St. Thomas Hospital London; Westminster Infirmary; Queen Caroline; St George's Hospital
   engravers: Vandergucht, Shinevoit (Schijnvoet), Sutton Nicholls, artist: Brown, Cheselden
   anatomical drawing, painting, and copperplate engraving
   Library Royal College of Surgeons England
   Lapage 1961: 28, pl. 22 ; Z.Cope: Cheselden 1953 ;

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