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   Tizian / Tiziano (in engl. known as Titian)
   V. T. ; Tiziano Vecellio / da Cadore; Ticiano ; (in engl. known as Titian) ;
   Cecilia (+1530)
   Pomponio; Orazio; Lavinia; 1 daughter died in infancy
   1488/90 c. in Pieve di Cadore
   castle superintendent, councillor and soldier Gregorio Vecelli
   mother Lucia; painter-brother Francesco Vecellio (1475c.-1560); painter nephew Marco Vecelli & grandnephew Tiziano
   pupil of painters Gentile Bellini & Giovanni Bellini
   Andreas Vesalius (1514-64): De Humanis corporis, perhaps also 17 pl. in his "Fabrica" 1548-1542 & 2nd ed. 1555 (according to M. Putscher 1983)
   court painter of King Philip II & Kaiser Karl V
   engraver ->J. S. van Calcar; son Orazio Vecelli
   occasionally anatomical drawing (also for woodcuts), oil painting, fresco; mostly known for artful paintings
   133 of his paintings online at
   AKL; Th-B; ... Lapage 1961: 18; Saunders & O'Malley 1950; M. Putscher: Ein Totentanz von Tizian. Die 17 großen Holhschnitte zur Fabrica Vesals, in Metanoeite. Want euch durch neues Denken. Festschrift Hans Schadewaldt, Düsseldorf, 1983: 23-40; L'opera completa di Tiziano; ... wiki...
   the wooden relief plates of Vesalius Fabrica disappeared after the second ed. of the Fabrica in 1555and resurfaced in 1706 w. Andreas Maschenbauer in Augsburg

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