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   Antonio di Puccio
   A. d. P. P. ; Pisano / da Cereto / incorrectly: Vittore Pisano ;
   1395 c. in Pisa or Verona
   Naples or Rome
   Puccio di Giov. di Cereto
   mother: Isabetta di Nicol° da Verona
   painting from ?Altichiero or Stefano da Zevio, Verona; pupil of painter Gentile da Fabriano, Venice
   zoological notebook: Codex Vallardi (Louvre); recueils d'oiseaux
   1422 in the service of young Ludovico Gonzaga, son of the Marchese of Mantua Gianfrancesco Gonzaga; continued to work for Gonzaga family until 1440s
   zoological, esp. ornithological drawing, painting, water color, egg tempera, color wash, drawing, black chalk, fresco, mural, medal engraving ;
   Codex Vallardi (with naturalistic animal drawings) at the Musée du Louvre, Paris ; ;
   AKL; ThB27 1933:92; wiki, Benezit; Dance 1989:18; Pinault 1991: 11-13, 267; Dopplereffekt 2010: 135; Richter: Studies I". Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 55 (no.317) 1929: 58–61+64–66.
   mostly famous for his portraiture; naturalist animal studies

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