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   Jemina °
   J. W. ; Mrs. Hugh Blackburn ;
   Hugh Blackburn (1823-1909), who held the Chair of Mathematics at the Univ. of Glasgow
   one daughter and three sons
   1823 in Heriot Row, Edinburgh
   James Wedderburn, a Solicitor-General for Scotland (he died before J.W. was born)
   her mother was aunt of mathematician & physicist James Clerk Maxwell (1831-79);
   Scotland, UK
   bird & genre drawings & engravings; landscape, wildlife, family & portrait watercolour & painting
   Cf. : described as "the best artist I know" by John Ruskin (1819-1900)
   Robert Fairley:Jemima: Paintings & Memoirs of a Victorian Lady, 1998; Robert Fairley: Blackburn's Birds. 1993
   active in Edinburgh & at second home at Roshven on the southern shore of Loch Ailort (bought 1854); travelled widely, esp.Northern Europe &Mediterran.

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