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   Oscar Gustave
   O. G. ; Oskar Gustav ;
   his former photographic model Mary Bull in 1862
   1813 c. in Sweden
   Clapham, London
    stonemason and Swedish officer Carl Gustaf Rejlander
   studies art in Rome; switches to photography, learns wet collodium process from photographer Nicholas Henneman in London
   United Kingdom
   Charles Darwin: The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872) ;
   Royal Photographic Society of London (member); on recent exhibitions see
   photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, esp. in 1863 on Isle of Wight ;
   photography, printed as heliotype in books such as Darwin (1872); experiments w.double exposure, photomontage, photographic manipulation, retouching ; ;,+Oskar+Gustav
   O.G.R.: Photography as the handmaid of art, Brit.J.Photographic Almanac & Photographer's Daily 1866:92-94;
   Bill Jay: Photography of facial expression, in: Brit. J. Photogr. 7 Nov. 1980 ; P. Prodger: Darwin's Camera (Oxford 2009) ; Prodger 1998: 145 & 170ff. ; D. Elliott (ed.): E. G. R. (1993) ; E. Y. Jones: Father of Art Photography (1973) ; P. C. Bunnell (ed.): Photography of O. G. R. Selections ; J. Smith: C. Darwin & Victorian Visual Culture (2011) ; Kemp 2006: 290-291 ;
   Born in Sweden, first settled in Lincoln, then Wolverhampton(1846), later opened a photographic studio in London (1850s), since 1862 in Malden Road, London.

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