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   T. H. ; Hardw. ;
   1755 or 1756 in England
   East India Company (joined in 1777, rose to become Major-General in 1819, retiring from the army in 1823) ;
   British Museum (Natural History):
   zoologist John Edward Gray (1800-1875) and unknown Indian artists in the publicaiton of: Illustrations of Indian Zoology (1830-35, with 202 large hand-coloured plates) ;
   zoological and natural drawing and watercolour, see, e.g., ; w. links ;
   W. R. Dawson: On the history of Gray & Hardwicke’s Illustration of Indian zoology & biographical notes on General H., in: Journal of the Society for Bibliography of Natural History 2 (1946): 55ff. ;
   T. H. was an English soldier and naturalist, resident in India from 1777 to 1823, then returned to England.

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