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   John Stevens
   J. S. H. ;
   Harriet Jenyns (1797-1857)
   Frances Harriet Henslow (1825-1874) ; botanist Rev. George Henslow (1835-1925) ; eldest daughter -> Anne Barnard
   1796 in Rochester, Kent
   Hitcham, Suffolk
   solicitor John Prentis Henslow (1xxx-1xxx)
   Joseph Dalton Hooker (1xxx-1xxx) (son-in-law)
   St John's College Cambridge
   United Kingdom
   John Lindley ; 9 wall-hanging charts: Prof. Henslow's Botanical Diagrams. Drawn by W. H. Fitch, for the Committee of Council on Education: Department of Science and Art, Phaenogamous Plants. [The illustrations for the charts were by Walter Hood Fitch, based on the drawings of John Stevens Henslow (1796–1861) and his eldest daughter Anne Barnard].
   John James Audubon ; Charles Darwin ; Adam Sedgwick ; -> Walter Hood Fitch (1817–1892)
   botanical drawing and watercolour, also for wall-hanging charts ; ;
   Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ;
   clergyman, botanist, geologist

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