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   Johann Reinhold
   J. R. F. ; botan. shortname: J. R. Forst ;
   Justine Elisabeth Nicolai
   8: naturalist & draughtsman -> J. Georg A Forster (1754-1794)
   1729 in Dirschau, then Prussia, now Poland
   Halle / Saale
   Georg Reinhold Forster, master of town in Dirschau; mother Johann Wolff., daugther of another town master
   his great-grandfather Adam had lost his fortune during the Cromwellian revolution in England and emigrated to Danzig; grandfather Georg;
   private family educ. in languages, studies of medicine & theology at Univ. of Halle
   James Cook; later also printed by Ponnant & George Robert Gray (1808-1872) in: Genera of Birds, c. 1850 ;
   Dissenter’s College in Warrington ( 1766-9); Univ. Halle (prof.nat. ist. & mineralogy 1779ff.); Free-Mason lodge 1780ff.;
   artist son ->Johann Georg Adam Forster ;
   naturalist, ethnological & topographic drawing, watercolour & painting
   British Museum Natural History.
   Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; Sawyer 1971:129; Adrienne L. Kaeppler: James Cook und die Entdeckung der Südsee, 2009: 63ff. et passim; Rice 1999: chap.6; ...
   Further Places of Activity: Danzig, England (London, on board HMS Resolution 1772-5 as naturalist anddraughtsman) & exped. to Russia 1765f., Tahiti, and South Africa.

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