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   S. B. ; S. Benik / Benning / Beninc / Bennik ;
   1: ? ; 2: ?
   5 at least; eldest daughter, Livinia, became court painter to Edward VI of England
   1483 c. in Ghent
   Bruges, then Flanders, today Belgium
   painter->Alexander Bening
   Levina (= Lievine) Teerlinc (daughter) ; Hugo van der Goes (uncle)
   taught painting by his father painter Alexander Bening in Ghent
   Flämisches Kalendarium (c. 1540) ;
   Robert de Clercq, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Ter Duinen (‘Les Dunes’) at Koksijde near Bruges; Emperor Charles V; infante Don Fernando
   miniature painter and illustrator Gerard Horenbout (1465-1540) ;
   zoological and topographic miniature painting, drawing, and hand-illumination of mss. ;
   Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78; Giulio Bologna: Handschriften und Minaturen. Das Buch vor Gutenberg, Munich 2000: 152-3, 186;
   Moved to Bruges by 1500.

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