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   Wright of Derby
   J. W. o. D. ; J. / Joseph Wright ;
   Ann (Hannah) Swift (1xxx-1790) in 1773
   1734 in Irongate, Derby
   attorney and town clerk John Wright (1697-1767)
   Hannah Brookes (1700-1764) (mother) ; 4 siblings; father-in-law was a lead miner
   Derby grammer school, pupil of portraitist Thomas Hudson (1701-79)
   United Kingdom
   James Ferguson ; geologist and instrument maker ->John Whitehurst ; Earl Ferrers Washington Shirley ;
   Society of Artists, Royal Academy; Free Society of Artists; Society for Promoting Arts in Liverpool; Lunar Society
   artist Thomas Hudson ; artist John Hamilton Mortimer ; engraver ->Valentine Green ; industrialist Josiah Wedgwood ;
   natural oil painting, often with chiaroscuro,_The_Orrery.jpg
   Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton Massachusetts; Derby Museum & Art Gallery; wiki.en
   Klingender 1968/74: 46-62, 253-4 & figs. 28-33 ; Pinault 1991: 256 & 259 ; William Bemrose: Life & works of J. W., A.R.A. (London 1885) ; Benedict Nicholson: J. Wr. of D., Painter of Light (N.Y. 1968) ; Stephen Daniels: J. W. (Princeton 1999) ; E. Barker et al.: J. Wr. of D. in Liverpool (New Haven 2007) ;
   Favorite motifs: contemporary iron & steam technology; experimentation; also known for his landscapes, portraits, nocturnes. Liverpool, Bath. witness Vesuvius eruption while at Naples; friend and patient of Erasmus Darwin.

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