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   George French
   G. F. A. ;
   Alicia Mary Moran in 1849
   4 daughters
   1822 in Newcastle upon Tyne
   banker, politician George Fife Angas (1789-1879)
   Rosetta French (mother)
   grammar school. business then natural history, illustration; pupil of artist Waterhouse Hawkins
   Angas: Kafirs Illustrated (1849) ; Explorations Journals of John McDouall Stuart (1864) & John Forrest: Explorations in Australia (1875) ;
   Sir George Grey (1812-1898) ; Australian Museum Sydney: Zoological Society, Linnean Society ;
   engraver J. Greenaway :
   anatomical, conchological, ethnographical, natural and zoological drawing, lithography, watercolor, and painting
   National Library of Australia, Canberra. University of Adelaide. Royal Geographical Society, National Gallery & Museum of South Australia, S
   Australian Dict. Biog.
   Further Places of Activity: New Zealand, South Africa, and Polynesia. Traveled with explorer Sir Grey to South Australia. Nyala antelope: "Tragelaphus angasii".

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