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   C. B. ;
   1888 in San Francisco, California
   Carnell, California
   studied architecture at Columbia University in New York City; Dropping out in his third year, he worked as renderer & designer for several architects
   United States of America
   Wernher von Braun et al: space flight symposium in Collier's Weekly 1952 Conquest of the Moon (1953) ; Willy Ley: The Conquest of Space (1949) ;
   California Society of Etchers (now the California Society of Printmakers) in San Francisco; Collier's Weekly
   illustrator Fred Freeman and illustrator Rolf Klep for Wernher von Braun: see ;
   astronomicphysical painting and color printing; combination of clay models, photographic tricks & various painting techniques to render planets, moons ; and links provided there;
   Ron Miller & Frederick C. Durant III: Worlds Beyond. The Art of Ch. B. (1983) ; Melvin H.Schuetz: Chesley Bonestell Space Art Chronology (1999 and Suppl. 2003) ;
   Along with the French astronomer and artist ->Lucien Rudaux, Ch. B. was dubbed the "Father of Modern Space Art"; cf.

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