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   John Adams
   J. A. W. ;
   Elizabeth Mann (1819-1891) on May 12, 1847 in Boston
   1822 (or 1823?) in Grafton, Massachusetts
   Boston, Massachusetts
   Jonathan Whipple (1795-1851) and mother Melinda Grout (1799-1863)
   see the Whipple familiy under
   in chemistry by his father, in photography autodidact
   United States of America
   astronomer William Cranch Bond (1789-1859) & his son ->George P. Bond at the Harvard College Observatory
   Harvard College Observatory
   ->James Wallace Black; astron. William B. Jones
   1st American to make daguerreotype process chemicals; astronomical photography; microphotography
   Boston Directory 1848; Kirchheimer 1982:46f; B.Z. Jones & L.G. Boyd: The Harvard College Observatory (Cambridge, Mass. 1971); Ann Thomas ed.:Beauty of Another Order. Photography in Science, Ottawa 1997: 197; Corey Keller: Brought to Light : Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900, 2009, figs.41-2; Q. Bajac: Dans le Champ des Étoiles (2000): 14,19,115-6,125; Omar Nasim: James Nasmyth on the Moon; Or on Becoming a Lunar Being Without the Lunacy,” in Selene’s Two Faces: From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging, ed. Carmen Pérez González, Leiden, 2018; Omar Nasim: Handling the heavens, in Julia Bärnighausen et al.(eds.) Photo-Objects, Berlin 2019: 161-175, esp. p. 9
   Whipple & Black in Boston; first daguerreotype of a star (Vega) in 1850; portrait photographer & inventor of, e.g., crystallotypes (making paper prints from glass albumen negatives)

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