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   Louis Desiré
   L. D. B.-E. ;
   originally cloth-merchant; learned the calotype process from a student of its inventor, William Henry Fox Talbot
   Hippolyte Fockedey: opening of the Imprimerie Photographique Blanquart-Evrard in 1851 ; photographer ->Thomas Sutton around 1855 ; photographer Louis De Clercq ; photographer Maxime Du Camp ; photographer John B. Greene ; photographer Auguste Salzmann ;
   since 1844 calotypie (or Talbotypie), publ. improved variant in 1847 in France; since 1850 photography on albumin paper;
   Gerda Peterich: L.D.B.-E. The Gutenberg of Photography, in: Image 50 (April 1957): 80-9 ; ;
   In 1855, L.D.B.-E. set up a photography company in Jersey with photography & business partner ->Thomas Sutton.

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