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   Antoine François Jean
   A. F. J. C. ; Antoine Claudet
   Julie Bourdelain (17xx-18xx), whose nephew Georges Bontemps named A. F. J. C. assistant director of Ponces Grimblot's studio on the outskirts of Paris
   1797 in Lyon
   glass merchant (1xxx-1807)
   A. F. J. C. was 2nd of six children of his father
   initially glass merchant; then a student of diorama painter & photographer Louis Daguerre
   United Kingdom
   Royal Society of London (fellow 1853) ; since 1853 "Photographer-in-ordinary" to Queen Victoria; 1863 award from Napoleon III ; Society of Arts ;
   calotype inventor and photographer -> Fox Talbot ; lith. Bosley
   pioneer of daguerreotype portraiture in England, improved sensitizing w. chlorine (instead of bromine) plus iodine; stereoscopes; inv. stereomonoscope ;
   Encyclopedia of 19th c. Photography (vol. 1, New York 2008: 302-304) ; Arthur T. Gill: Early sterescopes, in: Photographic Journal 109 (1969): 606-14 ; Christopher Date & Anthony Hamberg: The origins of photography at the British Museum. 1839-1860, in: History of Photography 14 (1990): 309-325, esp. p. 320
   Born in France, active as photographer in London w. studios in on the roof of the Adelaide Gallery (now the Nuffield Centre), behind St. Martin's in the Fields church1841-51, at the Colosseum in Regent's Park (1847–1851) & at 107 Regent Street (1851–1867), the "Temple to Photography". In 1859, this studio was called "Claudet and Ackermann & Cie"

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