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   J. L. ;
   1. Ann in 1763 ; 2. Miss Delamott of Ealing in 1798
   artist daughters: Ann & Mrs. Wickham; son John med. (+1843)
   1740 in Eltham, Kent
   physician John Latham (1xxx-1788) but not Rev. JL of Titherton Cheshire
   Mr. William N. Wickham (son-in-law) ;
   Merchant Taylor's school; anatomy under William Hunter; medicine London
   United Kingdom
   J. Latham: A General Synopsis of Birds (3vols in 6 parts 1781-85 with106 illustratios drawn by himself) ; suppl. 1787 & 1801 with 23 & 13 coloured plates) ; General History of Birds (10 vols., 1821-28 with 193 plates) ; Arthur Philipp: Voyage of Governor Philipp to Botany Bay (1789, with 55 etched plates) ;
   colorist Sarah Stone; artist: Ann Latham, Thomas Davies; Lord Stanley; John Abbott; etcher: ->Peter Mazell
   botanical and ornithological drawing, etching ; handcoloring and painting on silk
   British Museum Natural History. Jeremiah Finch Smith: Admission Register Manchester School 1866:199; wiki
   AKL; ThB22 1928:417; DNB; Sawyer 1971:151; Wright, N.: J.L., naturalist of Kent & father of British ornithology, in Bygone Kent. 1980, vol. 1:231-5; Jackson 1989:136-47; M.B. Simpson: Artistic sources for John Abbot's drawings of American Birds, Archives of Natural History 20(1993): 206-7;
   Ireland; London. Pattern designer for silk weaver in Dublin & art teacher.

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