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   George Bellas
   G. B. G. ;
   1778 in London
   Neapoli / Naples / Neapel, Italy
   George Bellas, who had a business in the legal profession as a proctor in St Paul's Churchyard Doctors' Commons & real estate in Surrey
   mother (d.1784): only daughter of apothecary Thomas Greenough w. business at Ludgate Hill near St Paul's; younger brother (died in infancy)
   Cotton's school; Eton; 1795- Pemrobke College (without degree); since 1798 studies of law & natural history (w. J. F.Blumenbach) at Univ. G√∂ttingen
   United Kingdom
   his own books: A Critical Examination of the First Principles of Geology, 1819; Geological Map of England & Wales, 1819 & 2nd ed. 1839; Geological Map of India, 1859
   Royal Society of London (Fellow 1807); Geological Society of London (co-founder 1807, since 1811 pres.)
   geological drawing, engraving & hand-colouring ;
   F.J.North: Geological Maps: Their History & Development w. Spec.Reference to Wales, National Museum of Wales, 1928; D.Sharpe: Obituary, Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society 1856: xxvii-xxxiv; J.Wyatt:: A Romantic geologist, Archives of Natural History 22 (1995):61-71
   G's fossil collection is kept in the Geology Univ.College London (UCL); his notebooks in the Greenough Papers coll. at UCL Library

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