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   Robert Hermann
   R. H. S. ;
   1804 in Freyburg an der Unstrut, Saxony
   Sch√∂neberg near Berlin
   protestant minister
   4 younger siblings, incl. his brother: botanist Moritz Richard Schomburgk (1811-1891)
   John Lindley (1799-1865) ; R.G.S.: Twelve Views in the interior of Guiana
   Royal Geographical Society
   w. illustr. -> Charles Bentley for Schomburgk's "Twelve Views in the interior of Guiana"
   botanical & topographic drawing & watercolour ;
   Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ; Cameron 1981: 18-19; Sir Robert Hermann Schomburgk -Putting Guyana on the map, Guyana Times Internationa, June 8, 2012; The Hakluit Society: The Guiana Travels of Robert Schomburgk 1835-1844, Routledge 2006;
   Further Places of Activity: England, United States, West Indies, Guyana, and Venezuela. From 1835 to 1841, Schomburgk was commissioned by the Royal Geographical Society to explore the virgin interior of British Guiana on the South American mainland which led to the successful Venezuela and Brazil boundary arbitrations for Guyana, then British Guiana.

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