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   Stählin-Storksburg OR Staehlin von Storcksburg
   J. S.-S. ; Jacob Jakowlewitsch von Stähelin / Jaques de Stehelin / Jakov Jakovlevič Štelin ;
   Elisaweta Iwanowna Reichmuth
   1709 in Memmingen, upper Swabia
   St. Petersburgh
   mayor in Memmingen
   Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin (1744-1774) ; An Account of the new Northern Archipelago lately discovered by the Russians in the seas of Kamtschatka and Anadir. Translated by C. Heydinger, edited by Matthew Maty. London: printed for C. Heydinger, 1774) ;
   since 1742 educator of Tsar Peter III, later also his librarian ; since 1762 also active for Katharina II
   botanical engraving and cartrographic map-making ;
   Hermann Beyer-Thoma in NDB ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 ;
   since 1735 member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersbourgh, lived since then in Russia

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