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   van den Keere
   P. v. . K. ; Peter / Petrus Kaerius ;
   1571 in Ghent, then Flanders, nowadays Belgium
   1646 or later
   Ghent, then Flanders, nowadays Belgium
   printer and letter maker Hendric van den Keere the younger in Gent
   training as copper engraver from Jodocus Hondius, his brother-in-law. In 1593 both Keere and Hondius settled at Amsterdam.
   John Norden: Speculum Britanniae (London 1593) ; John Speed's Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the Worl (1646) ; Ubbo Emmius map ;
   topographical and cartographical copper engraving ; map making ; ;
   C. J. Schüler: Die kartographierte Stadt (Paris 2011: 68-71) ;
   Dutch engraver, publisher & globe maker; for religious reasons, P.v.d.K. fled to London, England, where he became copper engraver; since 1593 active in Amsterdam, Netherlands.since 1603 also large urban panoramas, including Utrecht, Cologne, Amsterdam & Paris

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