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   Lewis Morris
   L. M. R. ;
   Margaret Chanler on July 22, 1841
   son Stuyvesant Rutherford was born in 1842
   1816 in Morrisania, New York
   New York ?
   Robert Walter Rutherfurd and Sabina Morris
   grandson of U.S. Senator John Rutherfurd and great-grandson of Lewis Morris, the Signer of the Declaration of Independence
   graduated from Williams College, Massachusetts in 1834, then practiced law after admission to the bar in in 1837 w. William H. Steward in Auburn, N.Y.
   United States of America
   his own publ. on spectroscopy & astrophotography ;
   lithographer ->Albert Schütze for plates of solar spectrum photographs ;
   celestial photography. astrophotography, esp. of the the Sun, Moon, planets, star clusters & stars down to fifth magnitude; photos of grating spectra ;
   Sketch of L. M. R. Popular Science Monthly 42 (Jan.1893) ; Biographical Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences ; K. Hentschel: Mapping the Spectrum (Oxford 2002: 209ff.) ;
   L. M. R. abandoned his study of law in 1849 to dedicate his leisure to science, particularly astronomy, became famous pioneering work in spectral analysis & experiments with celestial photography.

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