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   George Phillips
   G. P. B. ;
   1825 (or 1826 ?) in Dorchester, Massachusetts
   Cambridge, Massachusetts
   American astronomer William Cranch Bond (1789-1859), first director of Harvard College Observatory
   elder brother William Cranch Bond Jr.; cousin Edward Singleton Holden, first director of Lick Observatory.
   studies at Harvard University (grad. 1845), then ass. of his father at Harvard College Observatory
   United States of America
   his own papers on astronomical photography ;
   G. P. B. succeeded his father as director of Harvard College Observatory (1859 until his death) ; Royal Astronomical Society (gold medal 1865) ;
   with his father ;
   G. P .B. took the first photograph of a star in 1850 (Vega) & of a double star in 1857 (Mizar); daguerreotype of the moon c.1850 ;
   Carlene E. Stephens in American National Biography Online (Feb. 2000) ;
   For a list of his papers see

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