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   William Henry Fox
   W. H. F. T. ; Fox Talbot
   in 1832 w. Constance Talbot, born Mundy (1811-1880) of Markeaton in Derbyshire
   1800 in Lacock Abbey, near Chippenham, Wiltshire,
   in Lacock village, buried there along with his wife, and children
   only child of William Davenport Talbot (1764-1800) of Lacock Abbey near Chippenham, Wiltshire
   mother: Lady Elisabeth Theresa Fox Strangways (1773-1846), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester
   tutored by his mother; schooling at Rottingdean, Harrow School & studies at Trinity College, Cambridge; grad. as 12th wrangler in 1821; M.A. in 1825
   United Kingdom
   The Pencil of Nature (1844) ;
    Royal Society of London (papers 1822-76) ; Rumford Medal 1842 ; Member of Parliament for Chippenham 1832-35 when he retired from Parliament
   scientist & photographer John Herschel ;
   inventor & photography pioneer who invented the calotype process; esp. on photo-mechanical reproduction & photo-gravure; also micro-photography
   British Library: Papers of W.H.F.T., Add MS 88942:
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   cf. also and Corey Keller (ed.) Brought to Light. Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900, 2009: figs. 1-3; for Talbot's biography, cf., for his correspondence see ; cf. furthermore var. links & further lit. in;

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