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   W. B. ; Lieut. / Captain W. B. / Guillaume Blight ;
   Elizabeth Betham (c. 1754-1812) in 1781, of Glasgow, daughter of a customs officer on the Isle of Man & niece of Duncan Campbell, merchant, shipowner
   four unmarried daughters
   1754 in Plymouth
   Farningham in Kent
   boatman and land waiter in the British customs service, descending from a family settled in St Tudy, Cornwall, since 1680
    He first appeared on a naval muster roll as Captain’s Servant on HMS Monmouth at the age of 7, then trained as Midshipman
   United Kingdom
   Captain James Cook, who offered W. B. the chance to be Master of HMS Resolution at age 22 ;
   British Hydrographic Office; New South Wales (Governor 1806-1808)
   naturalist ->Georg Forster (1754-1794) ; cartographer Lieut. Henry Roberts ;
   maritime, topographical, and cartographical mapping and drawing ; hand-colouring
   DNB ; Australian Dictionary of Biography, 1 (1966) ; John Blake: Vermessung der Meere. Historische Seekarten (2007: 88 & 139) ;
   For his experiences on sea cf. Narrative of the mutiny, on board His Majesty's ship Bounty, The log of H.M.S. Bounty, 1787-1789 & The log of H.M.S. Providence 1791-1793.

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