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   S. d. C. ; Samvel de Champlaine ;
   1567 / 1574
   Narrative of a voyage to the West Indies and Mexico in the years 1599-1602
   prior to 1600 active in middle America for the Spanish court; since 1601court geographer of French King Henry IV
   topographic & cartographic pen & ink drawings for later copper engraving & hand-colouring by others, esp. of maritime & terrestrial maps
   see for detailed cv and many links
   Charles Honoré Laverdière, Notice biographique de Champlain, in his Oeuvres, vol. 1; Émile Cappella: Champlain, le fondateur de Québec. Paris 2004; John Blake: Vermessung der Meere, 2007: 110
   active in North America (today Canada & north USA), Mexico, France

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