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   Walter Lawry
   W. L. B. ;
   Charlotte Mair at Whangarei in 1862
   four children
   1838 in Wesleyan mission, Newark at Pakanae, N.Z.
   Fleet in Hampshire, England, UK
   Cornish missionary, Rev. James Buller, who had helped convert the people of Tonga to Methodism
   at Wesley College in Auckland; since 1854 by naturalist William John Swainson
   New Zealand
   History of the birds of New Zealand (London 1872-73, 2nd ed. 1887-8) ; Manual of the Birds of New Zealand (1882, Suppl. 1905) ;
   Legion of Honour by the President of France
   illustrator ->John Gerrard Keulemans ; ->Henrik Grönvold ;
   zoological and ornithological drawing ; hand-colouring ;,newzealand(firstedition) ; ....(secondedition,supplem
   further links at
   Known as a New Zealand lawyer, naturalist, and ornithologist.

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