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   Claude Gibney
   C. G. D. ; Davies; only after marriage Finch Davies ;
   Aileen Singleton Finch in 1916, daughter of Captain W. Finch, who was head of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
   2 children: a son and a daughter
   1874 or 1875 in Delhi, India
   Cape Town, South Africa
    Major-General Sir William (later: Governor of Delhi) and Lady Elizabeth B. Davies née Field.
   school in England, then joined the Cape Mounted Riflemen in 1893 at their recruiting office in London, service in Pondoland in South Africa
   South Africa
   Gamebirds & waterfowl of southern Africa. A collection of 68 water-colours, ed. by A.C.Kemp (1986) ;
   British Museum (Natural History) ; South African Ornithologists' Union (founder member); Transvaal Museum.
   ornithologist ->Boyd Robert Horsbrugh ;
   zoological and ornithological drawing and paintings ;
   original Finch-Davies plates are held by the Transvaal Museum; see various links in
   AKL ; A. C. Kemp: Bird Paintings of F.-D. (Jannesburg 1984) ; A celebration of birds. C.G. Finch-Daviesʼs final album of Southern African birds (1990) ; The birds of southern Africa ‎(1982) ; Austin Roberts: Birds of South Africa / Our South African Birds (1940/41, with uncredited use of pl. by F.-D. ; Magee 200 ;
   British soldier, staitoned in South Africa since 1893.

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