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   Francis Orpen
   F. O. ;
   Anne (1xxx-1877), 2nd daughter of Charles Sanders (1xxx-1xxx) from Bromsgrove
   6 daughters and 3 sons
   1810 near Cobh, Ireland
    in Nunburnholme, England, UK
   Admiral of the Royal Navy Henry Gage Morris (1xxx-1852)
   Rebecca Newenham Millerd (1xxx-1xxx) (mother)
   at Bromsgrove School until 1828; private lessons from Vicar J. M. Butt; studies at Worcester College in Oxford since 1820
   A Natural History of British Moths (London 1859-71) ; A History of British butterflies (1870) ; A History of British Birds (1870) ; A natural history of the nests & eggs of British birds (1875) ;
   Ashmolean Museum (curator of their insect collection) ; Ashmolean Society (member)
   zoological, entomological, and ornithological drawing ; hand-colouring
   for a comple listing of his publ. see
   Oxford DNB 41 2002 ; Charles A. Kofoid: F.O.M.-Ornithologist and Anti-Darwinist., The Auk 55, (3), 1938: 496-500 ; Charles Marmaduke: F.O.M.- A Memoir (London 1897) ; Frederick Ross: Celebrities of the Yorkshire Wolds (London 1878, 106-8) ;
   F.O.M. was a leading figure in the Church of England & a passionate naturalist, an opponent of Darwin.

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