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   Regina °
   R. H. ;
   1895 in Herman, Nebraska
   Washington, District of Columbia
   art school Omaha, Bebraska, Gallaudet College for the Deaf Washington DC
   United States of America
   Clyde Reed: weeds (1970/77) ; John Wurdack in Flora of Ecuador (1980) ; R. M. King & Harold Robinson: Eupatorieae (1987) ;
   US Department of Agriculture; Smithsonian Institution Department of Botany
   botanical drawing and painting
   pen-and-ink drawing, oil, and watercolor painting,%20R ;
   Smithsonian Institution Washington ; Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation ;
   Smithsonian Catalog Botanical Illustrators;
   Translator for US State Department during WWI, 1930-69 research clerk then scientific illustrator for Dept Agriculture.

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