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   Vaclav Fric
   Anna Rottová the daughter of a hardware store owner.
    son Jaromír who continued the business until the shop finally closed in 1958
   1839 in Prague
   lawyer Josef Fric (1804-1876)
   Josef Václav Frič (Pseudonym M. Brodský) (5. August 1829 in Prag -14. Oktober 1890); brother Antonin Frič, curator at National Museum, Prague
   studied taxidermy then chemistry at the Prague Technical University
   Czech Republic
   exhibitions at trade & world fairs (Paris 1867, Moscou 1872, Vienna 1873, Paris 1878, Sydney 1879; remaining stock of specimens: Nat. Museum, Prague
   botanical 3D models ; ;
   H.Reiling & T.Spunarová:: V.F. (1839–1916) & his influence on collecting natural history. Journal of the History of Collections 17 (2005): 23-43 & 238 ;
   V. F. opened his natural history business in Prague in 1862, supplying botanical, zoological and mineral specimens to museums, educational institutions & private collectors worldwide. 1st shop located at Wassergasse 736-II Prague, since 1878 Wladislavsgasse 21a

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