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   Giovanna °
   G. G. ; Giovana Garzonius ;
   1600 in Ascoli Piceno
   in painting by an otherwise unknown painter from her home town of Ascoli Piceno
   grand duke Ferdinando II de Medici (1610-1670) in Florence ; Cassiano dal Pozzo ; Carlo Emanuele II, Duke of Savoy ; the Medici family ; Anna Colonna, the wife of Taddeo Barberini ;
   Cardinals Carlo (1xxx-1666) ; Giovan Carlo (1611-62) ; Leopold (1617-1675) ; Grand duchesse Vittoria della Rovere (1622-1695) ;
   botanical and natural watercolour, pastel, and oil painting, often still-lifes bordering on non-scientific flower-painting
   Lucia T. Tomasi & G. A. Hirschauer: Flowering of Florence. Botanical Art for the Medici (Washington 2002: 7 & 75-89) ; Tomasi 2001: 185f. ;
   In 1666, Garzoni bequeathed her entire estate to the Roman painters' guild the Accademia di San Luca, on the condition that they build her tomb in their church of Santi Luca e Martina.

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