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   Benoit de
   B. OR Benoît de M.;
   1656 in Saint-Mihiel, France
   catholic nobleman of Lorraine M. did not attend university, but he received an excellent classical education.
   his books: Description de l'Égypte, Paris 1735 & La Haye 1740; Telliamed (his name in reverse), based on manuscripts written between 1722 and 1732, publ. after his death in 1748 (Reprint Paris 1984)
   abbé Le Mascrier,
   natural history, architectural & archaeological drawing, esp. in Egypt of pyramids ; ...-1e-partie-73775237.html etc.
   Editor's introduction to de M. Telliamed... transl.& edited by Albert V. Carozzi. University of Illinois Press, Urbana, Chicago & London. 1968; Claudine Cohen, La Genèse de Telliamed. Benoît de Maillet et l'histoire naturelle à l'aube des Lumières., Paris, 1989
    well-travelled French diplomat, explorer and natural historian, who execute accurate field observations & interested in evolution; French consul general at Cairo 1692–1708),, at Leghorn (1712–1717)and overseer in the Levant & in the Barbarous states from 1715 until his retirement

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