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   Andrew Ainslee
   A. A. C.;
   in 1867 in London
   1841 in Newcastle upon Tyne
   Ealing, then still outside London
   surgeon Thomas Common, known for his treatment of cataract, (1xxx - c. 1844)
   sanitary engineer Matthew Hall
   apprentice in the sanitary comp. of his uncle Matthew Hall & Co., London, where he worked until 1890
   England, UK
   see ;
   Royal Astronomical Society, London (member since 1876, Gold medal 1884, president 1895-96); Fellow of the Royal Society, London (1885)
   astronomical photography; pioneer of astrophotography of Nebulae; gelatin plate photography of the moon & plants ;
   list of his publ.:
   H.H. Turner: The Observatory 26 (1903): 304-308; Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 64 (1903): 274;Th.Hockey: Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers, 2009; D. Malin & P. Murdin: Colours of the Stars, Cambridge 1984:28f., 61;
   since 1876 owner of a 5.5 inch telescope, since 1877 18 inch reflector, since 1879 36 inch reflector, since 1885 60 inch Newtonian reflector; important amateur astronomer & astrophotographer. After Common's death the telescope with its two 60 inch mirrors & optics were purchased by Harvard Coll.Obs

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