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   Solomon Nunes
   S. N. C. ;
   1815 in in Charleston, South Carolina
   self-taught painter, drawn to photography both as a potentially lucrative adjunct to his portrait business & for excitement of working on new tech
   United States of America
   accompanied Col. John Charles Fremont, explorer & later presidential candidate, as photographer on Fremont's expedition across the Rocky Mountains in 1853 ;
   anthropological, ethnological, geographical, and topographic photography ; introduced a protective varnish for daguerrotypes ;
   National Museum of American Jewish History:
   Incidents of travel and adventure in the far West, with Colonel Fremont's last expedition across the Rocky Mountains, including three months' residence in Utah, and a perilous trip across the great American desert to the Pacific,1857;
   S.N.C. embraced painting, photography, invention (of improvements to steam engines), writing and adventure in the West.

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