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   Frederic Eugene
   F. E. I. ;
   physicist Herbert Eugene Ives (1882-1953):
   1856 in Litchfield (Connecticut)
   printing apprentice at the Litchfield Enquirer; since 1874 at the photographic laboratory of Cornell University
   United States of America
   pioneer of geographic, topographic & technical color & stereo photography & halftone printing techniques; inventor of the halftone screen in 1874 ;
   Frederic Eugene Ives papers;
   F.E.I.: The optics of trichromatic photography, Photographic Journal 40 (1900): 99-121; Brian Coe Farbfotografie und ihre Verfahren, Munich 1979;
   F.E.I. also developed (since 1890) and marketed his "Photochromoscope“-System of colorcamera & projector

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