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   O. F. ; Orontius Finnaeus ; O. Finaeus;
   1494 in Briançon, France
   studies medicine at the Collège de Navarre in Paris, (Bakkalaureats1522)
   woodcut illustrator in book-editions of Sacrobosco (Tractatus de Sphaera) and Georg Peuerbach (Theoricae novae planetarum) ; De mundi sphaera (1542) ; Protomathesis (1532) ; A map of France (1525) ;
   Antoine Sylvestre, Professor at the Collège de Montaigu ; Collège Royale (prof. of mathematics since 1531)
   astronomical, mathematical,a nd geometric diagrams and woodcut ;also cartographic map-making ;
   E. Poulle in Dictionary of Scientific Biography ; Alexander Marr (Herausgeber) The Worlds of Oronce Fine. Mathematics, Instruments and Print in Renaissance France (Donington, Lincolnshire 2009) ; Richard P. Ross: Studies on O.F., Diss., Columbia Univ. 1971 ; L. Gallois: O. F. gallico geographo (Paris 1890) ;

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