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   Clive Forster
   C. F. C. ;
   Rosalie (1xxx-1xxx), a daughter of R. Tunstall-Smith, in 1912
   two sons and one daughter
   1880 in London
   John Forster Cooper (1xxx-1xxx)
   amateur botanist and naturalist Miles Miley (1xxx-1xxx) (maternal grandfather)
   Trinity College, Cambridge
   United Kingdom
   John Stanley Gardiner (1872-1946) ; Natural History Museum in London ;
   Dr. C. W. Andrews ; Henry Fairfield Osborn Sr. (1857-1935) ; Walter Willis Granger (1872-1941) ; William King Gregory (1876-1970) ;
   zoological drawing ;
   Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ;
   Further Places of Activity: USA, Maldive and Laccadive Islands, in 1905 Forster-Cooper joined the Percy Sladen expedition to the Indian Ocean.

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