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   Ali Nadir al-Mulk
   Mir Sayyid
   M. S. A. N. a.-M. ; Mīr Sayyid 'Alī-i Tabrīzī / Mir Seyid Əli / Мир Сеид Али ;
   disappeared during a pilgrimage to Mecca
   Persian miniature painter Mir Musawwir from Soltaniye
   initially by his father; painter Bahzad; active in the Safavi school of flower painters, centered at Tabriz, India
   Indian Emperor Humayun (1530-1556) at Mughal court in Kabul 1549-1554, in Northern India since 1554, in Delhi since 1555
   Indian Emperor Humayun; under moghul Akbar (gov. 1556-1605) w. Abd as-Saman head of imperial painter school w. more than 50 artists
   botanical & zoological miniature painting and , &
   AKL 2 (1992); Phylis I. Edwards et al.8eds.) Indian Botanical Paintings, Pittsburgh: Hunt Institute 1980, 10; Amina Okada. Indian Miniatures Of The Mughal Court. New York 1992; Abdulla Chaghatai. Mir Sayyid Ali Tabrezi, Lahore: Kitab khana-i-nauras, 1955
   Famous miniature painter.

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