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   Richard Anthony
   R. A. P. ;
   1st c.1858 ; 2nd c. 1880
   American popularizer of astronomy Mary Proctor (1862-1957)
   1837 in Chelsea, London
   New York
    father dying in 1850
   studies at King's College London; then scholarship at St John's College, Cambridge (graduated in 1860 as 23rd wrangler)
   United Kingdom
   illustr. in his own books, eg., Other Worlds than Ours, London 1870; The sun: ruler, fire, light, and life of the planetary system, 1871; The orbs around us: a series of familiar essays, 1872; The Great Pyramid: observatory,tomb& temple, 1883; ...
   weekly journal "Knowledge and the Illustrated Scientific News" (founding editor since 1881); Royal Astronomical Society (member 1866, hon.secr.1872)
   used astronomical drawings of ->William Dawes in reworked form for his own books; w. Arthur Cowper Ranyard on his latest books; Proctor's drawings were used for J. Browning's 3D lunar & mars globes
   astronomical drawing ; lunar & martian cartography, based on drawings of ->William Dawes;
   a few books available online: see
   B.Lightman: Visual theology, Isis 91(2000): 664ff.; Victorian Popularizers, Chicago 2009; Obit.s by W.Noble in: Observatory 11(1888): 366–388, Charlotte Willard in Popular Astronomy 1 (March 1894): 319–321, Monthly Not.Royal Astr.Society 49,2: 164–168; J. Blunck: Marsgl.,Globusfreund 43/44(199
   born in the UK, R.A.P. settled in America some time after his second marriage in 1881, and died of yellow fever at New York; cf.

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