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   William Rutter
   W. R. D. ;
   1st: w. the widow of Thomas Scott; 2nd in 1842 w. widow of John Welsby, lawyer in Ormskirk
   1799 in London (or West Sussex?)
   William Dawes (1762-1836), officer of marines, scientist and admin, also an astronomer & mathematician, since 1792 Gouvernor of Sierra Leone;
   mother Judith Rutter; sister Judith, who married in Antigua & brother Macaulay, who died in infancy;.R.D. was raised by his grandfather in Portsmouth
   studies first theology, then medicine
   United Kingdom
   Royal Astronomical Society (member 1830, gold medal 1855) ; Royal Society, London (fellow 1865) ;
   friend of William Lassell ; In 1867, ->Richard Anthony Proctor made a map of Mars based on Dawes's drawings ;
   astronomical drawing, esp. of Mars & other plantes, double stars
   Thomas Hockey in Biogr.Encyclopedia of Astronomers 2009; Hoskin, Michael Hoskin in Dictionary of Scientific Biography 3 (1971): 605-606; Astronomical register 6 (1868): 73-74; The Observatory 36 (1913): 419; B.Lightman: Visual theology, Isis 91(2000):665-669;
   on his father cf.

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