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   I. R. ;
   1st: Ellen Anne in 1875 ; 2nd Dorothea Klumpke (* c.1857) in 1901
   1829 in Groes, Denbighshire, Wales
   Crowborough, Sussex, England
   farmer William Roberts
   son-in-law of Anthony Cartmell;
   1844-51 apprentice to John Johnson & Son (later Johnson & Robinson), a firm of mechanical engineers; since 1855 manager of the firm
   United Kingdom
   Photograph of Andromeda nebula (1888) ; Photographs of Stars, Star-clusters and Nebulæ, together with information concerning the instruments and the methods employed in the pursuit of celestial photography (2 vols. London 1893 & 1899) ;
   Royal Geological Society (fellow) ; Liverpool Astronomical Society (member); Royal Astronomical Society (gold medal 1895)
   ->W. H. Wesley for wood engraving based on I. R.'s photograph (published 1889 in Knowledge) ;
   astronomical photography / astrophotography
   James Mussell: A .C. Ranyard, Knowledge & the reproductgion of astronomical photographs, in: Brit. J. Hist. Sci. 42 (2009): 356f. ; Obit. in Proceedings of the Royal society of London 75 (1904/05): 356 & 362 ; Omar Nasim: Handling the heavens, in Julia Bärnighausen et al.(eds.) Photo-Objects, Berlin 2019: 161-175, esp. pp. 166;
   In main profession a Welsh engineer & business man; famous as amateur astronomer & pioneering astrophotographer at his observatory and home in Crowborough, Sussex.

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