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   W. L. ;
   daughters Maria Lassell and Caroline Lassell
   1799 in Bolton in Lancashire
   death from fever in 1810
   school at Rochdale for eighteen months, was apprentice from 1814 to 1821 in a merchant's office in Liverpool, and set up in business as a brewer about
   United Kingdom
   large drawing of Orion nebula, executed under his supervision by his daughter Caroline in 1868, presented to the Royal Society & photomechanically reproduced in 'Knowledge' 1 May 1889 ;
   Royal Astronomical Society (publ. in their Monthly Notices & Memoirs); Royal Society (Fellow 1849, medal 1858); Royal Society Edinburgh; Soc. Uppsala
   with his daughters Maria and Caroline on astronomical drawings, obtained with big home-made reflecting telescope ;
   astronomical drawing ;
   Agnes Mary Clerke in DNB 32:,_William_%28DNB00%29 ; James Mussell: A.C.Ranyard, Knowledge & reproduction of astronomical photographs, in: Brit. J. Hist. Sci. 42 (2009): 363-6 ;
   Liverpool businessman who had made his fortune in the brewing trade. cf. also Steinicke: Observing & Cataloguing Nebulae & Star Clusters, Cambridge p. 481 ;

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